About Us


What is Restless Suburbia?
Restless Suburbia is a media production company founded by student journalist, Locke Fitzpatrick. This site acts as an outlet for both journalistic pieces on current local events in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and my own creative media pieces.

What content can I find here?
A wide range of content is published by Restless Suburbia such as:

  • Local News Articles.
  • Film and Album Reviews.
  • Photography.
  • Cinematography.
  • Restless Suburbia material that has been published.
  • New Wave Journalism.

What is ‘New Wave Journalism’?
New Wave Journalism is a series of short ‘mini-documentary’ style videos that Restless Suburbia believes to be the most interesting and engaging way to digest news pieces. This series will range in content from local stories that are additions to smaller articles you can find on the ‘News‘ page, to more obscure stories that do not necessarily fall under the category of ‘traditional’ news at all.

Why visit restlesssuburbia.com?
The material posted here is really catered to a wide range of people. Whether you are concerned with local news and lifestyle in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, or interested in visual art such as photography and cinematography, have a browse around and please contact me with any questions or queries you may have.  Contact details are listed under the ‘Contact Us‘ page, enjoy!

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